Order Your Next Wok Meal From Wokstars Now!

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Wokstars have been serving their Wok boxes for the last few months in Hyderabad now. The Film nagar branch is primarily a cloud kitchen. Their boxes have a good balance of all nutrients which makes the dishes apt for your consumption. The Paneer Chilli was crispy and tossed in spicy chilli sauce. Chicken Chilli had boneless strips of marinated chicken tossed in home-made chilli sauce. Egg Manchurian was a twist on the Classic Chinese Street Food. The Crispy Veg Spring Rolls were spicy and were served with home-made Black Bean Jam. The first combination that we tried for the wok meals was a combination of classic noodles, exotic vegetables and tofu tossed in Classico which is a Chinese sweet and spicy sauce. The next one was a combination of classic noodles with exotic vegetables and chicken. This was tossed in the Happy Wok sauce which is a sweet soy garlic sauce. You also have the option of choosing the toppings between onion and garlic, magic powder and peanuts. The next combination that I tried had jasmine rice, exotic vegetables, prawns and fish with Chinese holy basil sauce. I finished off with the gluten-free flat rice noodles which had prawns and exotic vegetables. This was tossed in sweet soy garlic sauce. I absolutely loved the entire experience.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    ₹500 - ₹1,000

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Big Group