Peeps, We're Giving You 'Pearlfect' Reasons To Visit This Museum In Secunderabad

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Tucked away inside a jewellery store on MG road is the city's Pearl Museum that you shouldn't miss, whether you like jewellery or not. After all, Hyderabad is also known as the city of pearls.

What Makes It Awesome

Who would've thought that the ever so busy MG Road would house a piece of Hyderabad's history, in the form of a pearl museum? Well, it does, and you have to walk through Jagdamba Pearls to get to it. Witness the many varieties of pearls, and know of their significance in the history of Hyderabad. For many years, Hyderabad has been a dealer in pearls thanks to the Mughal rule, and how, the pearl museum has savoured it all. At the museum, you will get to see many a size and shape among pearls, that you might not have seen before. That's not all, as you can also witness craftsmen at work here. Behold, for they will also put together your favourite beads into a beautiful necklace if you intend to buy it. So, expect to be in awe of them gems, at this hidden gem of a place.


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