Want To Work Out The Fun Way? Pull Out Your Yoga Mat & Hit This Pilates Studio In Banjara Hills

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Looking to get fit, but not via gymming? Try pilates, which is a series of movements that will strengthen your body. So, pull out a Yoga mat, and look no beyond The Pilates Studio.

What Makes It Awesome

Although gymming strengthens your muscles, it can also make them stiff. This is not the case with pilates, as it gives you more flexibility. The movements may look easy, but they're to be done with a lot of efficiency, and careful precision. At The Pilates Studio, you will be trained about the various pilates movements like Criss-cross, The Hundred, The Roll Up, and more. The studio has a calm atmosphere, with many windows for natural light and wooden flooring. Most of the exercises are to be performed on the floor using a mat, but some need a pilates reformer, which the studio is equipped with. They also have stability chairs. You can avail a membership starting at INR 7,000 (a month) for 2 days a week, for a one hour group session. However, they also provide private classes, and you can get a trial for INR 500 a day. 

Since pilates is a workout that can be made to suit your needs, speak to Kavitha at the studio to find out what works best for you. So, begin your journey to having a toned, fit, and strong body here.


The studio has kick-boxing training as well. You can get a combo package of kick-boxing and pilates starting at INR 21,000 for two months.


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