Place Which Serves Beyond Desserts, Drop By Chocolate Room Now!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The chocolate room has complete 11 outlets in Hyderabad and we recently visited the outlet which was at Madinaguda. The place is pretty well designed in white and yellow colors. There were some frames on the walls related to the chocolates. There were swings as seats also.

The main part of the review is food. As the name suggests, the place has many desserts and things related to chocolate. The place has things apart from the chocolate.

chicken nuggets - The chicken nuggets were so crisp and were served along with ketchup which was a very good start for us.

Cuddle cups
The cuddle cups are the hot chocolate which is flavored with the flavor you like. We had the following flavors from the cuddle cups.

Nutella frappe-The frappe is a drink which is served cool and we had this frappe called Nutella frappe which was so perfectly mixed and had an amazing taste.

Choco bailey
White lady
Green knight

The shots are the chocolate and non-alcoholic shots which had two different chocolates as a base which are dark chocolate and white chocolate. These chocolates are heated to a thick consistency and then mixed with the required flavor and then served in shot glasses.

Freaky waffle - Freak shakes are the shakes which are served in huge quantity. The freaky shakes here are served along with waffles. We had this freaky waffle shake which was so yum and the waffle here was perfectly baked.

Ferrero rocher shake-Ferrero rocher is one of the famous and international chocolates which is favorite for most of us. The freaky Ferrero shake had some amazing taste and was so tasty.

Creamy chicken pasta - The pasta was very creamy and had the perfect quantity of veggies and pasta. It would be better if there was a good quantity of meat too.

Mediterranean pasta: The Mediterranean pasta was the red sauce pasta and was good.

Chilli and corn Garlic bread - The garlic bread was topped with bell peppers, sweet corn, and cheese. The cheese quantity could be better on the garlic bread.

Peri-peri Mexican sizzler (Veg and non-veg ) - Peri-peri Mexican sizzler was similar to the Mexican hot pot which had rice and gravy with veggies.

Garden fresh pizza - Garden fresh pizza was the veg pizza which is made of thin crust and topped with veggies as well as cheese.

BBQ chicken pizza - This thin crust pizza was topped with the chicken chunks which were baked in bbq sauce.

Cheese fondue
Traditional - The cheese fondue was one of the best among all the things.

The cheese was served along with Broccoli, skinned potato wedges, chilli garlic pops, grilled panini.

Mango patch pancake - The mango patch pancake had the mango jelly as topping along with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Mexican chicken hot pot - The Mexican chicken hot pot had rice as the main ingredient. It was topped with gravy and bell peppers.

Staff and service -
The staff was very friendly. We would like to thank them for serving us with amazing food.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Kids, Bae, Big Group

YOLO(You Only Live Once) Food lover/ Engineer