Much Needed Pastime! Install These Online Therapeutic Games & Play Them For Free

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Summer is here, ready or not. And so is the extended lockdown (in some areas). It’s exhausting and for some, getting depressing. But we’ve curated a list of blissful escapes — a list of online therapeutic games that will relax your tired mind.

Move The Block

It is a simple sliding block puzzle game. The goal of the game is to get the red block out of the grid by moving the other blocks out of the way. Completing the level in a specific number of moves is rewarded with an achievement. It challenges your mind and gets you involved in a fun way.

Two Dots

Solve challenging puzzles by connecting the two dots, Amelia and Jacques. These two take you through the game, traveling with you through the different worlds as you advance through each level. The characters add a fun concept and make it engaging.

June’s Journey

Relax with a story of romance and mystery in this hidden object game. The objective is to point and click all the listed hidden objects in a given scene. Completing each scene's requirements progresses the player in the game.

Drop The Number

Drop the blocks onto another one with the same number. Combine them into a bigger number and get bigger numbered blocks and earn higher points. Yup, that's all about it. This will engage you and focus more on numbers than anything else.

Tiny Room Stories

This has an intriguing take on the puzzle and a lot to keep you interested and involved. There's a lot to love about this feature-packed game. Just install it!

Walk Master

The game has tons of challenging levels, 24 unique characters to collect, and unlockable skill challenges. So, if you’re looking for a game that’s easy to learn, hard to master, this is the one.

Animal Restaurant

It is a cute restaurant game. Chef Gumi’s restaurant attracts critters from all over the world. You’ve got to manage her new eatery by promoting her restaurant to draw new customers. As more and more animals visit your restaurant, you can hire staff to improve services and earnings. This game will get you lost in that world and give you a break from unwanted emotions.


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