Shh! This Magic Shop In Himayathnagar Is Where You Can Grab Professional Magic Props

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What Makes It Awesome

No one is old enough for magic and no one is ever too old to pull some pranks on their friends. We found Magic Shop, which is a hidden gem of a store in Himayathnagar that sells everything magic and we’re fascinated (if only we knew about this place when we were kids). Tucked away inside a complex next to the TTD Temple is this store where our childhood dream come true.

In business for 35 years, they’ve got stuff for every magic trick — from card tricks to bunny out of a hat, flowers out of a stick, ribbons out of a sleeve, and cutting things in half and rejoining them. Mind you, this is a professional magic store so everything here is serious business.

They also have funny magic pranks like invisible ink, magic handcuffs, etc, and we know what we’re doing for the next April Fool's day. If you’re now thinking about learning magic and fulfilling your childhood dream, they also have capes, gowns, and hats....basically, the whole costume and you can also get it customised (if you’re performing anywhere). If not anything, this store is worth paying a visit because you never know, you might find something interesting here.

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000

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