This Is Truly An Abode For Ready-To-Cook Snacks

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    What Makes It Awesome?

    Being Quarantined and not moving out so frequently since the past few months has made me lazier than ever before. But then when "Plan A" doesn't work, we always have a "Plan B"!

    So, because the lazy being in me isn't helping me out to prepare some yum food, I have my Plan B ready with Pujas snack abode. Puja, a passionate home chef prepares some really interesting Ready-to-Eat frozen food

    I got my hands on Samosas (Veg n Non-Veg) Momo Cigars (Veg n Non-Veg), Chicken Cheese Box, Paneer Parantha. Everything was so easy to prepare and delicious in terms of taste

    We just need to fry them in hot oil on a medium flame, until it becomes golden brown, and looks crispy from outside!