Refreshing Bubble Teas And Lot More At Dr. Bubbles

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What Makes It Awesome?

Dr Bubbles is a small yet cute place which is known for its bubble teas all over India. They recently have opened their new outlet in Madhapur area, which is quite nearer to the corporate world. This place is so simple yet classy with the interiors. They could have kept their name board a bit bigger so that people who are passing by can easily encounter the brand.

It has a seating space for 10-15 people which is enough for a place like this. The owner was receiving every customer nicely & suggesting/recommending everyone who is asking for what to have at their place.

Dr.bubbles is known for its bubble teas, but they also have other varieties on their menu which are equally tasty just like their bubble teas. I went there randomly on a weekday evening. I started with kiwi bubble tea which had enough tints of kiwi & the flavour was easily recognizable in it. I felt it was worth the price they are charging. So, after a long time...I tried bubba waffle that day which was Oreo cream bubba waffle which had two scoops of ice cream ( chocolate & vanilla) sandwiched between the waffle and also it was topped with chocolate chips, colour sprinkles, Oreo biscuits and Choco sticks. It was quite a task for me to complete it. I was full by the time I completed the item. I'll also attach the picture of it, so you guys can know how hard it was to finish it all alone by myself.

They also introduced some savoury items on to their menu like potato waffles in 5-6 different flavours. The waffle was thick & airy. I ordered for chilly garlic & jalapeno waffle. They had lots of sauce on top of it. It will be a delight for people who love to add spicy sauces on their waffles.

Their Bangkok special bubble tea needs a special mention. To be honest, I never tasted like it. Also, I didn't even get what the flavour it is๐Ÿ˜…. The main thing I loved in their bubble teas is they added a good amount of tapioca pearls in every tea that they are serving. Also, they have bubble coffee's, bubble lassi's as well. The best thing about their coffees is they don't use milk in it. Instead, they use green coffee powder to get that flavour of coffee in it. These are healthy & doesn't affect your body in any way & I recommend them without having a doubt.

Service was also good enough, even by having 2 people in the outlet to take care of service. They are managing it pretty well.

How Much Did It Cost?

โ‚น500 - โ‚น1,000

Best To Go With?

Kids, Bae, Family

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