Are You Even A True Blue Marian If You Don’t Visit These Places?

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All you Marys boys and girls, put your hands up and clap in unison if you often visit these places. These hangout spots, in and around St. Mary’s College are so popular that most of the students get here after college hours. And honestly, are you even a Marian if you don’t frequent these places? (Yup, from one Marian to another).

Diamond Point Hotel

Admit it, we’ve all hung out here. Off all the places around the college campus, this hotel right across the road is our favourite. Sitting on its stairs and having a chai-sutta break is Mary’s thing and you can always try their Chinese food. Bandi noodles on your mind? You know where to head. 


Us Marians are defined by our love for chai-sutta. What we also love is our hot plate of samosas and a glass of Nimbu Sharbat at Lamakaan. Lamakaan is where you often find us discussing college fests or planning our short films. Also, this is where we discover our love for the arts and culture scene in Hyderabad.

Zam Zam Shawarma Center

Ask us about the best Shawarma in the city and we will name our very own Zam Zam Bakers located in Yousufguda. We plan our days around Zam Zam and wait after college hours for the place to open so that we can have our favourite shawarma with a bottle of Coke or Thums Up.

Syala Drive In

Syala is one of the best drive-ins in Hyderabad. Tucking into biryani or Andhra pulao along with our thick shakes is our idea of chilling out, after college. We also have our little secret parties here and spend most of our evenings watching matches on the screen and poring over gossip. It’s probably not a secret anymore, but hey, you cannot tell it’s us.

Pavilion Drive In

Another drive-in that we Marians fancy is the Pavilion. Driving here after a tiring day and crashing at the Little Idli or China Town is a great way to end our days. Ghee Podi Idli, anyone?

GVK One Mall

There’s a reason we hit up GVK One Mall more than often and more than we should. We absolutely love splurging at Mac, Vero Moda, Chumbak, and Poparazzi. You will also find us watching movies or hogging in the food court.

Yousufguda Park

Last but surely not least — the park behind our college is where we love spending our mornings and afternoons. We all tried our own stints with photography here. And are you truly a Marian if you haven’t had photoshoots in the lawn and on the swings? Oh, the things we do for Instagram!


Hot Chocolate and Red Velvet Cupcakes make my heart happy. Potterhead. Team Slytherin.