This Brand's Tea Will Lift Your Spirits Up In This Moody Weather

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Kashmiri Kahwa Tea (15 Teabags)

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea (15 Teabags)

Adda Cha Masala Tea (75g)

Adda Cha Masala Tea (75g)


What Makes It Awesome

The monsoons are finally here and if you're looking for that perfect chai to make your evenings better, take this cue. Saffron Cup is a Kolkata-based tea brand that sources from different Indian tea estates, and you're signing up for aromatherapy, right there. Known for its organic tea, this brand scores high on not just taste, but also affordability and packaging. 

The packaging is quite solid. The colourful boxes are quite compact and carry an illustration of Howrah Bridge, which tells you its roots. These make for great gift boxes too, if you were wondering. While my favourites include Kashmiri Kahwa and Masala Chai, the brand also offers an aromatic experience in the name of their organic Assam, green and Darjeeling Teas. Their signature Darjeeling tea and the 'Energize' Tea are also hits. For when you feel drowsy and tired, they also have something called the relaxing tea that, with its chamomile and minty freshness does wonders as you sip them. 

Loaded with ingredients like lemon peel, ginger, turmeric, orange peel, nuts, and the like — the silken tea bags are full of flavour and smell great when they're brewing. The reusable boxes come with tea that literally takes only three to four minutes to brew. All you've got to do is add some milk (if you'd like) and some honey — you're good to cuddle with your cup of cha


Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.