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Shop Bath & Body Products & Check Out The Cafe Next Door At This Store

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What Makes It Awesome

Tucked inside a villa, Sage Organics is a brightly lit, spacious store that has racks of sustainable grocery products. Packets of millets, beans (red, and black), rice (brown & white), all kinds of pulses, zero-calorie sweeteners and jaggery powders, wheat flour, cow and buffalo milk, country eggs and honey among other things are arranged in a way that you can thoroughly check out, study, touch and feel the quality before making a purchase.

They have bottles of herbal face wash, hair conditioners, shampoos, room fresheners, and other home essentials like laundry powders cleaning sprays, termite repellant dog sprays (for those of you with pets), all of which are eco-friendly. Need cosmetics that are all natural? Stock up on lipsticks, shower gels, moisturisers from Soultree. If you're looking for organic toothpaste, bamboo toothbrushes, soaps, combs, straws, pencils, pens, and tote bags, then this store is your one-stop shop for it all. Apart from the staple brands, they have the fresh produce of lentils, vegetables, and greens from their farm in Shankarpally that you can pick up as well.

They also have a cafe adjacent to the store which has simple interiors, and a balcony seating too. For a quiet evening with munchies, you can walk in any time before 4pm. It also has books and board games.


They also offer pottery and Yoga classes at Sage, so check that out when you visit the store next. Sage also delivers the produce right at your doorstep every week. You can either walk into the store, or drop a message/email them and sign up, and look forward to opening your doors to farm fresh groceries every week.