Searching For Telangana Authentic Spicy Food? Head Over This Place In Jubilee Hills

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What Makes It Awesome?

Ambience: So this place called the Telangana Spice kitchen is located amidst the noisy Jubilee hills letting you enter into a peaceful location around the Jubilee hills. Having an indoor sitting as well as a view full outdoor sitting, this place can accommodate around 70-80 people in it.

Food: Let's start with the best part of this place. As the name suggests the place serves you the authentic Telangana spice food which is a must-try for every local here.

Starters :
* Karimnagar fried wings - The chicken wings are marinated in the authentic spices of Telangana and then deeply fried and served which is crisp and spicy.
* Golichina mamsam (mutton)
* Golichina chicken: The golichina means deep-fried. The chicken or the mutton are marinated in home grounded spices and then deeply fried and served hot and crisp. This is one of my favourite here.
* Garelu with Natu Kodi chicken: The garelu are the staple of food of Telangana and Andhra people. This place serves two types of Garelu. We had the Pappu garelu and the mokkajonna garelu which are served along with the natu Kodi curry which is a wonderful combo. And this is one of the house specials.

And a must-try for anyone
* Korameenu roast fish: Korameenu is a type of fish which is one of the favourites of Telangana people and this fish is stir-fried with the spices of Telangana which is soft inside and crisp outside.

Main Course :
* Pulihora with country chicken: Have you guys ever tried pulihora with chicken? No, then you have to try this over here. The pulihora has a tangy flavour of tamarind and the country chicken adds up spice to it.
* Bhagara with mutton dalcha: The mutton dalcha is one of the best things I ever had. The bhagara rice with mutton dalcha is a must try over here.
* Muddapappu pachi pulusu with white rice: The plain rice is served with muddapappu and pachi pulusu which gives it a sour taste and makes it tastier.
* Kheema biryani: The kheema biryani is mutton biryani which has the mutton in the form of kheema and gives it a Telangana touch.

Desserts :
* Kaddu kheer
* Qubani ka meetha with ice cream
* Carrot halwa
Among the desserts, we liked the kaddu kheer and the carrot halwa very much.

Mocktails :
* Kobbari bondam with honey
* Tsk iced tea
* Virgin mojito (achar and normal)
Among the mocktails, the TSK iced tea is the house special and we liked it very much. The kobbari bondam with honey is one different thing which you can find only at TSK

Cocktails :
* Pankam (gin)
* Chatpata chaska (vodka)
This place serves the mocktails and cocktails by giving them some Telangana spices touch. Which gives it a classic touch and makes them interesting. Pankam is a mix of Gin with some spices. Vodka was also mixed with some spices and making it chat-pat.

Staff and service - The staff over here is very friendly and good. The service is very quick.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.

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