Change How You Drink Your Morning Coffee With This Brand's Coffee Cubes

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What Makes It Awesome

There are a few things in life that consistently bring immense pleasure. One of them is coffee. This morning drink (that we love consuming throughout the day) can be reasonably and healthily enjoyed every single day. Making this ritual all the more exciting is Bevzilla Coffee, an online brand making coffee cubes that are also healthy. Yes! Healthy, as their coffee cubes are organic and contain organic date palm jaggery (a great alternative for sugar). 

Having partnered with farmers from Chikmagalur in Karnataka (the land known for its tea/coffee estates) and Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu for date palm jaggery, Bevzilla Coffee's coffee cubes come in five different flavours. Our pick is their Belgian Chocolate flavour that has a classic fudge-like earthy flavour with no sourness, fruitiness, or that lingering floral aftertaste. The Irish Cream flavour made with Irish cream liqueur is equally popular and tastes like whiskey but has no actual whiskey in it. Vanilla lovers can opt the Creamy Vanilla cubes. There's Hazelnut and Classic Coffee too. The pack starts from INR 599 for 20 cubes. They have bigger packages too. 

We think there is always a reason to enhance your morning coffee experience and if the step to do so is as simple as dropping a coffee cube, then why the hell not?! Go on, plop a cube and let your tastebuds have their own party.