This Brand Is Making Handbags Using Eco-Friendly Materials

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What Makes It Awesome

Bags are seemingly necessary and if you’re a woman you know exactly why  -- our clothes don't have large pockets or pockets, to begin with. And that could be the reason why we love to own as many bags as we do and if your stomach is beginning to growl for something new, let us introduce you to Jhola. What started as a small business by Dr Neeru Rani and Sudha Gupta is now a growing brand that’s manufacturing, customising and selling a range of handmade bags. Jhola promotes conscious living through sustainable and eco-fashion and through their business provides employment to local women. 

If you’re someone who is a card-carrying minimalist and prefers small bags, they have a variety of plain as well as printed sling bags (prints that are impossible to go wrong with). Their blue printed bag with pom-pom dangles is one of our favourites - the shape and size are just perfect.

Duffel bags had a good run and are still running, and if you'd like to get one, Jhola has a piece along with a sling. Check out their large tote bags that are perfect for transporting your laptop or lunch (we would never deny its true purpose, carrying a bottle of wine). They also sell bags suitable with festive wear (but you do you). The products range from INR 99 to INR 2,999.

Pro Tip

They also sell baskets, planters, jute decor and cushion covers made out of jute, cotton and upcycled glass bottles.