Drop By Chai Pani For Some Super Amazing Quick Bites

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What Makes It Awesome?

Chai Pani has three branches in the city of Hyderabad. We recently visited this cafe which is at Jubilee hills. This place easily serves 10-15 people at once. There are many indoor games and books which will keep you entertained.

This place has a simple and amazing menu. We had some good food over here. We had the following items

Classic cheese Maggie - The maggie served with a slice of cheese is one of the perfect Maggi we ever had.

Chicken Maggie - The boiled chicken was added to the maggie and prepared and then served. This was also good.

Onion cheese paratha - Onion and cheese is a very unique combination and we had this unique combination as stuff and then served along with tomato chutney. This dish was very tasty.

Chicken Kheema Paratha -Paratha stuffed with minced chicken is one of the good things we had here.

Panner pav - The vada served in the pav was made of paneer and then served with green chutney.

Aloo cheese pav - The main stuffing of the vada was aloo and the cheese which was a unique combo again.

Butter chicken Bun - Buns are served with the butter chicken curry. Which was very tasty and is a unique concept.

Baji Bun - The baji bun is the bun which has the pav-bhaji walla curry as stuffed inside the bun.

veg sandwich
Chicken grilled sandwich
The sandwiches had the perfect stuffing and the spreads were very good.

Pizza samosa - The samosas had the stuff which was the base for pizza and they can be improved a bit.

Panner Burger - The burger bun was very soft and the moisture was good. The patty was crisp from outside and soft from inside.

Ice Tea -
Strawberry Iced tea
Peach Iced tea
Bubble gum Iced tea
Lemon Iced tea
The Iced teas are the flavored teas which are mostly served along with the cubes of ice. Among the ice-teas, we liked the Bubble gum Ice-tea, among the other.

Shakes & Desserts
Brownie blast - Brownies blended with milk and then served along with some crumbles of brownie.

Brownie with ice cream - The brownie was a bit hard but the combo was good.

Staff and service
The staff was very good and the service can be improved a bit

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids

YOLO(You Only Live Once) Food lover/ Engineer