Need Timely Medical Help? Use This Ambulance Service Provider

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What Makes It Awesome

While everyone, including medical staff, are ensuring the treatment of COVID-19 patients, it becomes equally important to get the patients to the hospitals on time. And this is where StanPlus steps in. A Hyderabad-based ambulance service provider, founded in 2016 by France Antoine Poirson, Jose Leon, and Prabhdeep Singh, that provides patients immediate support for emergency and help them reach hospital on time. They have partnered with 13 hospitals so far and have four types of vans – Patient Transport Vehicle (a small or large van for patients who are in stable condition and just need oxygen), Basic Life Support (a large van with key basic medical facilities), Advanced Life Support (a large van with equipment for unstable patients) and Medical Utility Vehicle (a van that helps the movement & transfer of patients like giving access to a wheelchair).

PS: If the patient has a confirmation of Covid-19 and has to move from private hospital to government hospital, they have created certain protocols on how they will manage the transfer with all the precautions. Plus, the vans are sanitised every day and the workers are periodically checked. If someone cannot afford to pay the amount, it is either paid by the facility or is waived off as a charity gesture.