A Three-Storeyed Pub With Amazing Beer Is Where You Need To Be This Weekend

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What Makes It Awesome?

This pub was previously named vapour and presently 36 Downtown is one of the trending pubs in Hyderabad.
I’ve been to this place in the evening time with a group of foodie friends.

This a three-storied pub with indoor, outdoor and rooftop seating. The rooftop seating is highly recommended as it is a perfect place to chill with friends while having a beer. This brewery has amazing beers, out of which the apple cedar is the best one along with amazing music which makes you swing to its beat. The staff here are friendly and courteous!

My start of the meal at this place was fantastic.
The green apple infusion:
The flavour of this mocktail will leave your taste buds impressed.
The slight flavour of mint was refreshing enough.

Lovers club:
This amazing cocktail had an egg white in it.
I personally don’t like the flavour of raw egg white so avoided this drink.

Virgin mojito and mango green mocktail were the other two drinks we had.
Both of them were refreshing and had good taste.

Paneer majestic:
This lip-smacking dish is a must try at this place.
It had a perfect blend of flavours.

Chicken satay with peanut butter sauce:
With the amazing flavour of creamy peanut sauce, the chicken satay was tender, juicy and full of flavour.
It was an amazing dish.

Downtown fries:
This a forever favourite snack food for almost everyone.
These crispy fries were perfect munching stuff with drinks.

Mushroom duplex:
This stuffed mushroom dish is a perfect one with the drinks.
It had an exotic flavour.

Paneer tikka kebab:
This spicy Indian appetiser had a great taste.
The paneer was soft and flavourful.

Murgh Reshmi kebab:
This was a mouthwatering dish and was delicious in taste.

Chilli garlic tempura prawns:
This dish was a pack of flavour.
It was hot, spicy and had a tempting aroma.

Palak Patta chaat:
This is spinach coated with batter and deep fried.
They were crispy and had a delightful taste.

Loaded nachos:
Nothing can be more satisfying than a tray loaded with nachos.
A good munching dish.

Chicken 65:
This dish just tasted like Indian spicy chicken garnished with curry leaves.
It was spicy and great.

Non-veg oriental pizza and paprika veg pizza:
Both the pizzas had good texture and flavour.
The delicious topping and the crust were amazing.

Mutton roganjosh:
The gravy had a perfect blend of flavours. It was served with butter naan.
This was a good dish.

Grilled chicken steak:
The chicken was perfectly cooked, moist and had a great flavour.

Greek salad:
The Greek salad had cucumber, onion, tomatoes tossed with cheese. The pepper add on made it even more flavourful.

Caesar salad:
This was a fresh creamy salad.
It had a burst of flavour at every bite.

Palak paneer:
This dish was served with butter naan and dal makhani.
The paneer was soft and overall the dish tasted amazing with butter naan.

Keema pav:
The keema dish was flavourful and tasted amazing with pav.

Chaufa fried rice:
This dish tasted just like a random Chinese fried rice packed in an omelette.
Nothing new just the regular fried rice.

Blueberry cheesecake:
The cheesecake has always been my favourite dessert.
The tangy flavour of blueberry was fantastic and this is one of the best desserts at this place.

White chocolate brownie:
This was a delightful dessert with great flavour and aroma.
The white chocolate dripping over the brownie was very tempting and tasted the best.

Pineapple pannacotta:
Last but not the least, this classic dish with fresh pineapple add on had a fresh punch to the desert.
Do visit this amazing pub!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae

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