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Stay Hydrated & Healthy This Summer

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    What Makes It Awesome?

    The Blenders Cafe šŸ·
    Summer has been too harsh for us! šŸŒ„
    Staying hydrated is very vital and helps us to stay active all through the day in Summer šŸ’§
    Many of us choose to have Soda based drinks, Packaged Juices, etc. which tingles our taste buds for sure, but equally, we know how harmful it is for our body. šŸ˜”
    The Blenders Cafe has come up with super refreshing natural smoothies which are made from 100% Pure Fruits, has no preservatives and no added Sweeteners in it ā¤ļø and keeps you hydrated and energetic all through the day āœ”ļø
    We had 4 smoothies: Vitamin Factory, Berry Defense, Hydration Fuel and Forever 21 šŸ”„
    All of them had their own great taste and goodness of natural ingredients in it āœŒļø

    How Much Did It Cost?

    Under ā‚¹500