These Iconic Stepwells Of Telangana Are Totally Worth Visiting

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Forgotten yet fabulous — step-wells are charming enough to hold your attention. Telangana boasts of these architectural beauties that are lesser-known, but definitely worth checking out. Dating back to several centuries (or decades), here is a list of stepwells in Telangana. 

Sitarambagh Temple

Sitarambagh Temple is an iconic 200-year-old temple that will almost convince you that you are in Jaipur. The architecture of the temple is inspired by Mughal and Rajput styles. Located in Mangalghat, for the most part, this temple offers solitude and you can spend some quiet time here. There is a stepwell inside this temple, which isn't huge but definitely something you should check out. 

Ramalayam Temple

Ramalayam Temple in Devar (Shamirpet Mandal) is home to a bijou stepwell that offers a view of the greenery right behind it. This temple will instantly transport you to a different era — spot a 1,000-year-old tree, old men chatting away, and the like. This 11th-century temple is said to have been visited by Queen Elizabeth too. To get a slice of ancient architecture, we totally recommend visiting this ramalayam

Elgandal Stepwell

Located in Karimnagar, Elgandal Stepwell is almost abandoned but adventurists love taking road trips to it. On the banks of River Manair (a tributary of Godavari), Elgandal Fort is home to Chandrakantha Stepwell. This is not well-maintained and we wish it were, but the entire fort is quite a sight! Built during the Kakatiya era, this was built to prevent any form of enemy incursions, it has a mosque and an eidgah on the inside.

Qutb Shahi Tombs

Planning to visit Qutb Shahi Tombs? Badi Baoli — a 400-year-old stepwell inside Qutb Shahi Tombs was recently restored. This was built to collect rainwater for irrigation and gardening, and years later, it's all set to do that and more. Yup, it's making home for birds and quenching their thirst. Badi Baoli is one of six stepwells built inside the Qutb Shahi Heritage Park.

Sri Seetha Rama Chandra Swamy Temple

This temple in Ammapalli is probably the only ramalayam without Hanuman. About 30 minutes away from RGIA Hyderabad, this 13th-century temple is ancient. Several Telugu movies are shot here. Now, this has a stepwell but the caveat is that there's rarely water. Overlooking the stepwell is a grove of coconut trees, which is truly a sight. The stairs that lead you to the stepwell is where you can spend some quiet time. The gopuram itself is so beautiful that you'd definitely go back here.

Lingampet Stepwell

Totally ignored, yet glorious — Lingampet Stepwell is a timeless beauty. And for a reason. This stepwell takes the name of its historic town, Lingampet. It is now in ruins and home to cobwebs, dry leaves, and overgrown branches of trees. At the entrance, the walls are adorned with carvings that you'll spot on your way in. If you find yourself in and around this area, don't forget to pay a visit.

Kichanapalle Stepwell

Kichanapalle Stepwell is yet another neglected stepwell, located in Medak. This extremely beautiful stepwell has been recently discovered by a group of architects. The sheer greenery the stepwell is surrounded will leave you spellbound and mark our words when we say it: it's an architectural beauty. If you're visiting Medak, make sure to take a quick detour and get here.


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