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Brownie Frenzy: This Popular Baker Has Opened A New Counter In Somajiguda

Hyderabad loves its brownies from Euphoria Bakery and now, it has opened a new counter in Somajiguda. Offering brownies in three flavours – Classic Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Chocolate Coffee, Euphoria packs you plenty of happiness in its gorgeous blue boxes. Running from 11am-11pm, this counter located in Pop O'Bob - Premium Bubble Tea is where you can get your fix of brownies. You know what this means, don't you? Now, you don't have to place an order and wait for the delivery when you can simply walk into the outlet and pick a box of gooey goodness. Especially for the ones living in and around Somajiguda. 

So, we're rushing to get some brownie frenzy. What about you?

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