A Trip To Greece? Drop By This Outlet For Some Yum Food & Smoothies

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What Makes It Awesome?

Tasala is located on Phoenix towers 4th floor, right beside the CIBO house.
As I stepped in, I could notice all over walls painted which gives us Greece feels with all white and blue colour theme. We can notice a huge aquarium indoors with a few variants of fishes. At one corner we can see many shelves, in which all the antiques are placed. There have a bar counter in the centre of their place.
The seating arrangement includes both indoor and outdoor with very simple furniture. Prefer to sit outside especially these rainy days, we can enjoy the climate with their super-cool songs being played. This will be one of the crowd-pulling places around Hitech city.

To start with, we will be provided with their complimentary dish:-
Nachos with salsa dip:- Nachos were crispy and tasty, it is rare where we can like Nachos. Here Nacho's texture was perfect. The dip was finger-licking with finely chopped tomatoes and onion's with the touch of masala, and to taste a pinch of salt.
Well, we are impressed with their complimentary.

Appetizer:- Onion rings from bar bites!!!
8 onion rings were served with a dip costing 150rs. Onion rings were deep-fried with batter. Rings are completely in their form of texture. This would be even more tastier if added cheese to the batter of Onion rings while on fry. Kind of not satisfied with this starter.

Mac & Cheese:-
Firstly i would notice Mac & Cheese was in yellow colour, I had this Mac & Cheese many times at other places, where it will be served in white form of colour. Fine, here Mac & Cheese was served with two roasted with a little garlic spread on bread. Cheese spread on top of the Macaroni. It was creamy and cheesy. Macaroni was cooked well. Who doesn't love, cream and cheese Macaroni Pasta?

Main Course:- Veg Pulao-280rs
Now I can say, this is one of the best options for vegetarians also along with Non-Vegetarian.
Pulao was so yummy and delicious with giving aromatic taste with all Richy veggies like, broccoli, and lots of peas in the pulao. Actually, it can be named Peas pulao. This Pulao was served with mix veg curry. Curry quantity was so much, that we cant finish off that curry with pulao. Curry was Highly pleasant to taste.
This pulao can be a reason to visit here again.

Wildberry Smoothie:-
With banana, raspberry, pineapple juice & milk cream.

I was able to taste the only raspberry flavor in my smoothie.
Service:- They were well professional.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000