Garelu, Mudda Pappu - Pachi Pulusu: This Jubilee Hills Restaurant Makes Epic Telangana Fare

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What Makes It Awesome

If your tummy is craving authentic Telangana dishes, head straight to Telangana Spice Kitchen in Jubilee Hills, which serves your favourite local cuisine and amazing cocktails. Walk into Telangana Spice Kitchen, and a wide open space with a lawn welcomes you. The first floor of the restaurant is done up with beautiful framed paintings by local artists and has a section for more private meetings along with an outdoor area (for all the candlelight dinners). Wooden furniture completes the classy interiors, and a staircase leads you to a more casual second floor which has blue walls, quirky posters, more outdoor seating, and a full bar. This can be booked for family get-togethers, parties and corporate events.

Begin with the delicious Pappu Garelu (which are crisp and stuffed with lentils) served with tangy tomato chutney. Follow it with Schezwan Paneer and Garlic breadsticks (which are crusty), for a yummy comfort food session. Fellow non-vegetarians, you must taste the Kaju Chicken Fry which is tender chicken fried with cashew in it. The plain rice with Mudda Pappu and Pachi Pulusu is epic here. This classic combination is basically seasoned dal and a rasam kind of dish that is mixed together with rice and eaten with great fondness. It tastes like home-made food (add a generous quantity of ghee to make it even better) to get a rush of the tangy flavour owing to the Pachi Pulusu.

The TSK Iced Tea is lovely to sip throughout your meal, and for desserts, relish some Carrot Halwa and Qabani Ka Mitha. They often have seasonal specials at this restaurant and you’d be walking in for a surprise every now and then.


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