Ditch Those Plastic Bags For These Reusable & Groovy Totes That Cost INR 30 Per Piece

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What Makes It Awesome

The Bagman is your friendly neighbourhood crusader (or a label) that makes cotton bags to replace your usual plastic bags for shopping. Quirky, thought-provoking and witty — these bags are fun to carry around too! Hoomans, let's accept it — plastic is a bane to our nature, and the sooner we stop using it, the better! Founded by Sashikanth Kaja who found his calling during his sojourns that also made him abhor plastic, Bagman was his de facto start to fight usage of plastic. The Bagman has been making cotton bags for almost five years now, the campaign began only a few months ago.

Instead of sticking to regular 'Plastic Kills' or 'Say No To Plastic' quotes, Sashikanth has decided to give Bagman a superhero persona. You thought Padman was the only Indian superhero? Using Kora cotton to make these bags, Bagman works with diverse Indian artists for the artwork on bags, and each bag can seamlessly carry around 5-7 kilos. That explains why these shopping totes or bags are our perfect companions each time we're visiting a supermarket or even to get our weekly supply of vegetables. In fact, if you are planning to hit the streets for some budget shopping with your girl gang, carry these totes, and you're sorted. 

And what's not to love? Each bag costs around INR 30, and at the moment, you can either walk up to their office and pick a bag or place an order through Instagram or Facebook. Now, all you need to do is say aloha to this Bagman, and join him in crusading against the usage of plastic. But with a style! 


The Bagman comes to most of the flea markets in Hyderabad, and if you happen to spot the stall, don't forget to grab yourself one bag. And maybe for your ma and pa too! 


Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.