This Newbie In Gachibowli Serve Some Incredible Burgers, Drop By Now!

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What Makes It Awesome?

In the Frame: Cheesy Chicken Beast Burger β™₯️

Brand new Burger place in town!
After their successful outlets, Biggies Burgers N More, Popular In Odhisa, Bangalore and other cities is now in Hyderabad. A place is known not just for serving Massive and Delicious Burgers, but also refreshing drinks, wraps and Mojitos.

Featuring here is the House Speciality Cheesy Chicken Beast Burger with Double Patty. Buns and the Patty's are made in house, were grilled perfectly with herbs. This has Cheese inside and also above Patty's. Fresh lettuce and Other veggies like Onions, Bell peppers which were lightly seasoned and grilled. What a Great taste this burger was, with many Tangy sauces being added and a lot of cheese. The size was very huge! You also have an option of the single patty, But I'd suggest you go for Double Patty! Just the way how I like my burger, this one has my heart. Recommended, Had a great one after many months!

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Price: 329/-

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Under β‚Ή500

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