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Don't you wish to dress your kids in the most stylish fashion, yet make sure they're comfy? Well, then the Indie Project Store collection will make you happy. Think ikat detailing on a button-down cotton shirt, and a cute bow tie for your little man or a hand block printed saap-seedi jumpsuit for your playful princess. They have a breathable variety of clothes like frocks, shirts (in patterns like paisley, auto-rickshaw, kites that made us go heart-eyed), skirts, pants, shorts, mum's tops and traditional attire (kurtas & lehengas) that are made by giving a contemporary twist to traditional Indian fabrics. Designed by the founder, Shilpi Sharma Bedi, and Satyabhama, you will get carefully curated, unique pieces of clothing. If you're the kind of mum who likes to match with your kid's fashion sense, check out their mommy & child sets which have matching prints. Apart from that, you can find kimonos, button-down shirts, crop-jackets, shirt dresses, kurtas, flared pants with blouses for mums too. 

Your kids don't need to be deprived of the simple joys of childhood like that of wooden push and pull toys, Kannama dolls, crocheted stuff toys, for you can easily buy them here. The cutest things to shop from are the pendants that come in shapes like a puppy, gelato, crown, teapots, prams among many others. Most of their stuff caters to children between 0-5 years, but you might sometimes find something for 10-year-olds too, as new stuff keeps coming in every month. They source these from brands like Little Bum, Bumble Bee, Ribbon Candy, Earthy Sapo which focus on making your kids' childhood a whimsical one without losing on the safety and eco-friendly aspect of products. These come from various parts of the country like Jaipur, Surat, Vadodara, Coimbatore, etc from small businesses and women entrepreneurs too, so when you purchase something know that you're supporting them in turn, and it's pretty affordable starting at INR 350 and can go up to INR 2,000.

So, select your choice and place orders on their Instagram/Facebook or through their website.


If you're not too sure about the kid's size and style, you can give gift cards worth INR 500 as well.


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