Try The Most Creative Dessert Ever

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What Makes It Awesome?

Proxy Bar and Café: The Beauty of Chocolate Garden. One of the Fascinating Dessert Creativity I've Ever Seen in my life. Let me tell you exactly what are the items in this beautiful Plating. Firstly, Everything single thing in this plate is Edible here.

The base is chocolate Sponge Crumble, just like a Powder. Quenelle is made of Brownie which was melted in the mouth and on above of Quenelle is Chocolate Mushroom made with a Wafer and chocolate Disc which was kinda cute.

The green part is Micro Sponge, they added colour to get the Grass look as it's named as Garden. Assorted Seasonal Fruits like Dragon Fruit, kiwi, Pomegranate, Fresh blueberry, Strawberries and California Grapes. Chocolate Truffle balls with a lot of Cocoa Powder on the coating, Finished with Dusting of powdered Sugar and Edible Flowers.

Hats Off to The Chefs for Marvellous Creativity. This is a Lot of Hard work, especially for the presentation. It exactly just looks like A Gorgeous Garden. How beautiful it is. Coming to the taste, Very Different and loved it. More of chocolate taste than other flavours here. The sponge cakes they baked here were incredible. They also serve Hot chocolate Syrup separately if you more chocolaty taste to it. But the Best part here is The Presentation! Fantastic, Simply Outstanding. Just Proxy Things I'd say. Desserts at my Favourite place are too good.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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