Shea Rose To Tooty Fruity: This Brand's Soaps Look Like A Treat

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The Soaptub Co

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What Makes It Awesome

The fact that Soap Tub is all about handmade soaps and skincare range is what makes it awesome. Founded by Sushmitha, who quit her cushy IT job to do something creative with her life, she believes in whipping skincare range with fresh ingredients. She picks these ingredients from local markets, organic markets or when she is traveling. 

The first thing that caught our eyes is how delightful the soaps look — from donut-shaped soaps to popsicle soaps, they've got it all. So Instagram-worthy but also great for your skin. Their best-selling soaps include Shea Rose, Tooty Fruity, Charcoal Clay, Turmeric, and Coffee. They've got gift hampers too. At the moment, the price of each soap (100gm) is INR 130, and the hampers begin at INR 600 (but they can be customised as per requirement and budget). 

An admirable thing about The Soap Tub is they believe in zero wastage. They collect boxes from nearby stores and customers to recreate and re-use them for packing their products.