With Great Stories Come Great Performances: Check Out These Theatre Groups In Hyderabad

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With more and more plays being performed in Hyderabad, it's not a surprise that you're interested in checking out a couple of threatre groups in the city. We got it right, didn't we? So without further a due, here are some of the popular theatre groups in Hyderabad that must be on every theatre enthusiasts list. 


A theatre group, a casting house, a voice school, an acting school — they're all stars. Sutradhar believes in promoting deserving talent and with that motive, they churn out recognised actors, voice artists, scriptwriters, translator, etc. Sounds interesting? Send them a hello. 

Bhoomika Theatre Group

Having produced over 100 plays in Hindi and Telugu that have been performed across the nation, if you're a theatre newbie, join this group. Bhoomika Theatre Group touches real societal subjects through their performances and we think that's what we need in this modern day and age. Having produced over 100 plays in Hindi and Telugu that have been performed across the nation, if you're a theatre newbie, join this group.


Have you not heard of Samahaara? They're one of the most popular theatre groups not just in Hyderabad, but in India too. They excel in all kinds of theatre work like hosting workshops, productions, and theatre festivals where they come up with original plays from the scratch. Give them a ring or get on their socials for all the deets. 


If Indian mythologies and epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata always captured your interest, then you've got to contact Surabhi theatre group. Churning out great performances since 127 years (seriously), these folks are popular for the depiction of Telugu classical play Padya Natakam and all their performances are decked up with colorful backgrounds, sets, and plot twists. 

Koshish Theatre Group

Based out of Old City, Koshish Theatre Group performs plays on different social aspects focusing on communal harmony, feminism, education, child labor, etc. If you're new to theatre, we suggest you start with them. 

Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation

A globally applauded platform, Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation follows the footsteps of Qadir Ali Baig who was an eminent theatre personality from Hyderabad. Their plays focus on showing the richness of Hyderabad's heritage and culture to new audiences across the globe which is awesome. They also produce local plays on a regular basis and you can get all the details by following them on their socials. 


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