Binge Watching South Indian Movies? Add These Best Allu Arjun Movies To The List

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Did the success of Bahubali turn you towards binge-watching Tollywood movies? Are you here after watching the dubbed reruns of Allu Arjun movies (err..Arya) on TV? Then there is so much for you to catch up on. The stylish superstar of the South Indian movie industry has delivered some of the biggest blockbusters that you should watch. 

Arya 2

Assuming that you've watched Arya (if you haven't, pin it on your watchlist because this movie made Allu Arjun popular PAN India), Arya 2 is a movie about two orphaned childhood friends, Ajay and Arya, who get separated only to face each other when they fall in love with the same girl. While Ajay is adopted by a wealthy family and runs a software firm, Arya joins the same company and the story movies forward from thereon.

It's directed by Sukumar who is a cult favourite and DSP doesn't disappoint with the music. 


This critically acclaimed movie is a must-watch. If you enjoy a good thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, Vedam is a movie about five different people who cross each other's paths when they become victims of a terror attack that happens in a hospital. This movie has won four Filmfare Awards for Best Movie, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress. 


In this action-packed movie directed by Trivikram, Ravi is a jolly guy who doesn't believe in hard work (is he a millennial?) but assists the police in a smart yet witty way to catch a big-time robber. What happens next? Robber vows to ruin Ravi's life and the cat and mouse story begins. Pretty fun! 

Race Gurram

We bet you've seen the Kill Bill Pandey video clips and those are from this movie. A light-hearted comedy with the right amount of action, Race Gurram is a story about two brothers who are poles apart and become enemies of a gangster turned politician. One of the brothers is a police offer who is forced to resign based on false allegations and that's when our hero steps in to save the family and his brother's reputation in the police force. 

Ala Vaikuntapuramlo

His most recent release, Ala Vaikuntapuramlo is a family entertainer. Two babies get switched at birth in the hospital, intentionally, and lead contrasting lives. Bantu who is born into a wealthy business family grows up in a middle-class household, whereas Raj is on his way to inherit the family business and wealth. Both of them cross paths and eventually find out about the switch up that results in an interesting and funny storyline.


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