Go To This Site & Play These Top Games With Your Family During This Downtime

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This global pandemic wiped many of our ordinary routines and left us in a strange new landscape. But no worries, we have curated a list of top games for you and your family because the family that plays together stays together.

PS: These games are on Miniclip (our childhood survival) and can be played in groups without shedding any penny from the pocket.

Bubble Trouble

This is a classic bubble game in which you have to shoot the bubbles to pop them. Each time you hit a big bubble, it will split up into two smaller ones. Avoid the bubbles or your lose a life. The bubbles will get smaller and smaller until they eventually pop. Heads up! You have limited time to complete each level and destroy those bubbles. Also, watch out for the power-up.

Tanki Online

Here, the gameplay is intense. You’ve got to throw yourself into tank battles, destroy enemy tanks, customise your futuristic armoured vehicle and compete. This is an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) with real-time PvP-battles that features crystals and tankoins as an in-game currency which one can collect through match completion, microtransactions, opening boxes, etc.

Rail Rush

What do you need to do here? Travel to the depths of the mines in your cart and collect as many gold nuggets you can and hold it while avoiding barriers and broken rail tracks. It is a fun game with a unique setting and interesting mechanics.

Flow Mania

Connect the colourful dots but strategically. To complete each puzzle, all the buttons need to be linked up and all the cells must be in use. You can't leave any empty cells, and the colourful lines shouldn't cross one another. 

Cricket Defend The Wicket

This is a typical cursor cricket game. You’ve got to use it to swing the cricket bat. Goal? To defend your wicket from the oncoming balls and hit as many runs as you can. Confused? Just play and you'll get to know.

Cut The Rope

Feed the monsters by cutting a series of rope. But first, you’ve got to collect the stars. This might sound easy but you need to apply physics here. We guess time to brush up some skills.


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