Hyderabadi Dum Biryani Maggi To Double Egg Maggi: Where To Score Maggi

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It takes longer than two minutes, but honestly, we are ready to wait for it. Maggi is one true love for most people in this generation and if you are one of them, you definitely have to try Maggi at these Maggi points in Hyderabad.

Maggi Adda

Maggi Adda in Attapur is a popular joint in this area. They have several varieties of Maggi but all of them are made in two ways only: Soupy Maggi and Fried Maggi. If you are around Attapur or stay in Attapur, visit this Maggi point and try their ooey good Cheesy Burst Maggi, Hyderabadi Dum Biryani Maggi, Chilly Garlic Chicken Maggi, and BBQ Chicken Maggi.

Maggi Bowl

If you are having Maggi rush, this is the place for you. Maggi Bowl, located in Kondapur gets its Maggi right. Try the Cheese Oregano Maggi, Double Egg Maggi and Special Chicken Maggi. They also have Maggi combos. Can anything get better than this?

AM PM Food Court

AM PM Maggi, located in Gachibowli, is perhaps the most popular Maggi joint in Hyderabad. Try their Maggi with Double egg or Chicken Fried Maggi and complete your meal with Egg Bhurji. Isn’t this weather the place time to visit this place? Also, while you’re at it, try out other stalls at DLF.

Hunger Maggi Point

Hunger Maggi Point, in Gachibowli is an inexpensive place, famous for Maggi and momos. Their Cheese Maggi is the best-seller on their menu and it is a treat for cheese lovers. Do try their Double Egg Maggi, Double Masala Chicken Maggi, and Onion Tomato Maggi. We bet you cannot stop with one plate.

Meadow Mastii

If you love Maggi and chai, you’ve got to visit this place. Meadow Mastii located in Basheerbagh is not a new face for the locals. Hogging on their Peri Peri Maggi, Kali Mirchi Maggi, Oats Maggi along with the super famous Tandoori Chai is the best thing you can do, this season.

Express Maggi Point

Kukatpally is no stranger to fast food joints. One such place is Express Maggi Point. This place is all you need when you are having those crazy midnight Maggi cravings. The menu is unique with Mushroom Maggi, Ulavachaaru Chicken Maggi or Maggi Chilli Chicken. Drive to this place along with your gang of friends and put an end to your midnight cravings.


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