Kick Back, Relax & Watch These Top Shows Right Now

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In the time of social distancing, thanks to the spread of novel coronavirus pandemic, we are now stuck at home for days and weeks. But no worries, you can always binge-watch the top shows on Netflix that has one for every mood. However, if you are struggling with what to watch? Buddy, we got you covered!


Eerie, daring and addictive; Riverdale will make you go through it. It follows the classic characters from Archie Comics, including Archie Andrews (KJ Apa), Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart), Veronica Lodge (Camilla Mendes), and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse). However, the series has a much darker tone than the comics. Four seasons are already out and we don’t want to ruin it by revealing the plot. So go and catch up!

I Am Not Okay With This

You’ll watch Sydney (protagonist played by Sophia Lillis) running down the street covered in blood. Then, discovering telekinetic abilities through many events. This is a new supernatural dark comedy-drama based on the comic by Charles Forsman, the author of The End of the F***ing World. So, if you've liked that series, do give this a shot.

Jamtara - Sabka Number Ayega

Jamtara - Sabka Number Ayega is based on true cyber-crimes from Jamtara in Jharkhand. The series starts with a group of chauthi fail youngsters, enacted by a cast of raw actors, impersonating as bank officials and offering people great deals to get their hands on OTPs and other details. So that they can earn money. But when money is involved, can politics be far behind? Watch to know about it.


Again based on a true story. It is a story of the man who pioneered the science of profiling serial killers. The series is based on the book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit written by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. 

On My Block

This is a high-school-set series that has three seasons so far. It follows four high school freshman as they navigate young adulthood and friendship. Filled with heart, humour, and reality, this show is worth a watch.

Taj Mahal 1989

Written and directed by Pushpendra Nath Misra, Taj Mahal 1989 was released on Valentine's Day. But don't be quick to decide the base of the story. Unlike the other cliche rom-com series, this comes as a refreshing plot of politics and poetry. And of course,  showing the meaning of what love is all about. We say, watch it right away with a packet of chips and some shake by your side.


 A dramatic comedy about love, family, community and three Mexican-American cousins, who struggle to chase the American Dream. But that dream threatens what holds most dear to them. So if all the keywords impress you, tap on Gentefield right away.


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