Living Their Passion For Travel! List Of Indian Vloggers That You Should Be Following

Thanks to the internet, it has exposed us to destinations across the globe. Capturing the locations, the culture, those personal experiences, food and much more, there is no shortage of good travel content. However, finding the best can be a tricky part. So, to make your life a little easier, we have put together a list of Indian travel vloggers that every travel junkie should follow.

Rohan Thakur & Bharati Bahrani (Ronnie & Barty)

Watch two filmmakers (Rohan Thakur & Bharati Bahrani who moved from Mumbai to Manali) living the Himalayan Life. From storytelling editing to vlogging, from cinematic flair to drone shots, Ronnie & Barty’s stories are episode driven where they cover various untouched parts of Himalayas and roam like nomads.

Varun Vagish (Mountain Trekker)

From popular destinations to remote parts of many countries, Varun Vagish has seen it all. Mountain Trekker, started in 2017, is where he uploads his Hindi travelogues to help people plan their trips to popular travel destinations across the world.

Rohith Ashok (Toll Free Traveller)

Next on the list is Rohith Ashok. Hailing from Chennai, he quit his job as a corporate lawyer to pursue his passion. His way of travelling is different from others. While others plan out, Rohith just rides and stops at his own will.

Kritika Goel

Documenting places in and around India, Kritika has travelled Kerala, Goa to name a few. She also has covered international locations outside India as well like Vietnam, Thailand, among others. Her fun personality peeks through her vlogs and she’s definitely the one to watch out for.

Ayush Dinker (Ethereal)

Completing his mechanical engineering from BITS, Ranchi, it was not long before he moved from engineering to filmmaking and started Ethereal. The channel is about travel stories around human-condition.

Saravana Kumar (Indian In Motion)

This person is showing the beauty of India’s landscapes to the world via his vlogs. From his self-isolation in Ladakh to what’s life in Todnam, his videos incorporate fun shooting styles and will help you with some awesome tips to get you to the adventurous mode.