Indoor Plants, Bonsai & Seeds: Have You Checked Out This Nursery In Masab Tank?

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What Makes It Awesome

"Did I start taking better care of my plants during the pandemic?" — honestly, we've all asked ourselves this question quite a few times, right? Ever since we've started working from home, we found ourselves decking up our balconies with more plants, watering them regularly (sorry, mom, for not helping you with it), and making natural manure at home. Yup, very old school!

In a bid to bring home more plants, we visited Tulasi Nursery. Tucked away in Masab Tank, you can easily miss this nursery, but it's right opposite NDMC Bus Stop at Humayun Nagar. When you walk right in, you'll be welcomed by several plants. We've spent hours here, and if you're a plant lover, you will too. This 20-year-old nursery is where you can pick the brains of the staff — they'll fill you in with all the deets on basic care and maintenance of plants, which flowering plants are best for which season, and even which plants can attract birds and bees. 

Planning to get bonsai plants? This nursery has quite a few beauties like Ficus, Common Beech, Desert Rose, and several others. Based on your requirement, they'll help you pick the right one. If flowering plants are your go-to, they've got roses, Passiflora, marigold, mogra, dahlias, etc. You can also pick indoor plants and air-purifying plants. What caught our eyes is their collection of cacti — from moon cactus to The Golden Barrel Cactus, they've got it all. We're surely picking one of those (along with other succulents) for our desk when offices reopen. 

Apart from plants, Tulasi Nursery also has pots and planters. While you cannot expect super fancy ones, they've got minimalistic plain-coloured pots, painted pots, and pots in the shapes of bicycles, etc. They also sell red soil, seeds that you can pick or place an order for. 


Tulasi Nursery also handles landscaping and contracts for gardening, lawns, maintenance etc. If you've been meaning to do up your patios or balconies, have a chat with them. 


Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.