Guys, These Lesser-Known Hobbies Will Make Social-Distancing Fun For You

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Are you clueless because all of a sudden you have plenty of time to do nothing? Well, Netflix and chill is always an option but if you're looking to widen your skillset with new and interesting hobbies to try, we've made this list just for you. 

Start Scrapbooking

Remember the scrapbooks we had during school days? This is just better. This activity has been around from the 15th and 16th century and it's a great way of collecting memories. To explain in simple words, scrapbooking involves collecting photos, small items, stamps, letters, flowers, etc (scraps) and sticking it in a book (scrapbook). There are plenty of tutorials online where you can learn how to make any blank pages book into a scrapbook in your own style. Sounds fun, eh?

Learn Calligraphy

Have you come across those satisfying videos on social media? We find those calligraphy videos quite therapeutic and some good penmanship didn't hurt anyone. You can either order a calligraphy kit online or look up for tutorials where they teach you the basic strokes with normal pens and ice cream sticks too. Who knows, maybe this hobby can turn into something bigger someday.

Give Gardening A Shot

Now, more than ever is the time to add as many greens as possible around us to save the environment, and with all the time we have right now, there can't be any excuses to start gardening. And no, you don't have to start off fancy. We're sure there are basic plants in or around your house (thanks to parental pressure), so all you need now is an empty jar/mug, some soil from those plants and food leftovers. You can plant fruit seeds, lemon seeds, or a budding potato and have your own miniature farm. Just don't forget to water them. 


Speaking of Gardening, wo hi mitti mein composting bhi karlo. While we know to recycle a concept of reusing non-biodegradable (mostly plastic and glass) things, composting is a great way of creating plant food from organic waste that we all have. We're talking about fruit and vegetable peels, leftover rice, daal, leaves, flowers, etc and some soil. We won't go all nerdy on you, but you should know it's super easy and you can find plenty of guides online. Google, do your thing. 

Leaf Pressing

Leaf pressing is such an underrated hobby which can easily pass of as art. It's simple. Look around for leaves in different colors and shapes, and sandwich them in books or wax papers. Keep the book piled up under more books for added weight in a dry place, and leave it unopened for 3-4 days. After that, you'll see that the leaf is dry, so you can draw around it or frame it. 

Learn A New Language

Roughly 6,500 languages in this world and you only know one, two or three? Change that! Now is the time to learn a new language because you have all the time in the world and there are plenty of apps that can help you learn. Spanish, French, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, or Russian — you won't become a pro, obviously, but you will know enough to call yourself Mr/Ms.Worldwide. 


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