Want A Healthy Smoothie? Say No More, The Blenders Cafe Is Here!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Smoothies are love but we can't deny the fact that they add a lot to our calorie content or intake. Moreover, if it's blended with ice-cream, it tastes delicious but will it check with our diet? Of course No! So what can we do to have a smoothie which is delicious and at the same time healthy? The blender's cafe is adding up to make it up for you with their great natural smoothies. These have no added sugar or preservatives.

I tried these two: "Iron Man", a blend of Jamun, Pomegranate and Greek Yogurt and "Popeye Punch", blend of Spinach, Apple, Mango, Banana and Greek Yogurt. These smoothies are completely the blend of natural essentials, unlike the thick shakes with ice cream which add diversely to our calorie intake. They are priced at Rs 199/-.

Kudos to The Blender's Cafe for coming up with this initiative. Thanks for giving a healthier option.

What Could Be Better?

Though the price is slightly on a higher range, for a larger masses it could be beyond the budget.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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