Fusion Chaat & Great Burgers: Garb A Plate And Stuff Yourself At These Places In Himayathnagar

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 From desserts, munchies, to filling main course, Himayathnagar has a variety of places to eat. Make a reservation and stuff your face with your pals. 

Masala Republic

A landmark on its own, when in Himayathnagar, you have to stuff yourself at Masala Republic. This beautifully done up vegetarian restaurant has two floors, one for chaat and the other for proper dining. We found their menu to be quite interesting, and rightly so because their chaat menu had fusion dishes like ABC (American Bhaji Chili), Nitro Smoked Paan Aur Palak Ki Chaat, London Wala Upma. Their Paneer Panch Mirch and Boti n Roti are a must try along with exotic desserts like Blueberry Kalakand Desi Cream and Kunafa Chukandar Halwa Saffron Milk Cream.

Alex's Kitchen

Tucked inside the lanes of Liberty Road, Alex's Kitchen in Himayathnagar is one of the oldest Indo-Chinese eateries in the city. This small restaurant is not big on ambience. Seat yourself on their dark wooden tables that can almost pass off as vintage furniture and under the dim yellow lights and scavenge through their menu with authentic dishes ranging from dim sum, soups, chop suey, and rice. Pair your meal with Chinese Pot Tea and call it a day. This place is pretty pocket-friendly for the quantities they serve so if you're planning a party, take the hint. 

Ghrelin Cafe & Patisserie

Ghrelin Cafe & Patisserie is one of those cafes and dessert places that's doing fusion food with an interesting twist. Before diving right into dessert frenzy, we'll talk a bit about the savoury dishes that you cannot miss. Love your pizza with a bit of desi flavour? The Paneer Kadai or Spiced Chicken Kheema Pizza will straighten out your hunger pangs. For desserts, they have a fine range of tarts, cupcakes, macarons (do try the Chocolate one), cheesecakes, handcrafted homemade chocolates, and more.

Little Things

Although tiny, Little Things is done up very well with Pinterest worthy decor like faux cupcakes as balloons and jars used as hot air balloon baskets. The cake jars are absolutely tempting, and you get to taste samples of each of the flavours so you know exactly what to get. They also have your usual pasteries, cakes, and desserts but Spiced Maggi in a bun? That's whack! You also get a variety of coffee/flavoured tea, red wine sangria, and quick bites like croissants and butter cookies.

King & Cardinal Bakery

Established in 1985, King and Cardinal is right on the main road, and hard to miss. The ambience here isn’t the nicest nor is the place the cleanest, but the food has won over thousands of people who claim it to be just as delicious as it was decades ago. The burgers, especially are a massive hit amongst people. From chicken burgers and paneer burgers to pastries of all kinds and pizzas, sandwiches, and hotdogs, you get it all here.

Budapest Bakehouse

Go to this place to eat gravy stuffed in a cone. We're talking about Budapest Bakehouse, and it's exactly how it sounds. It's a decently sized space with red walls, standard tables, and silhouettes of Hyderabad and Budapest decked on the walls. Do not miss out on Paneer Hot Garlic and Spicy Italian, two of their best savory cones and Oreo Chimney which was covered with Oreo powder. 


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