Shop & Stop By At These Places To Grab A Bite

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With Next Galleria Mall in Irrum Manzil being relatively new, there aren't many food options compared to other malls, but it boasts a decent food court that has everything from full meals to finger food. After your shopping spree, stop by and grab a bite at these places. 

Cream Stone

Do we have to tell you about Cream Stone? It's literally everyone's go-to ice cream place for all the right reasons. After spending a good day at the mall, indulge in flavors like Willy Wonka, Litchi Lake, Fruit Exotica, etc. They also have seasonal flavors according to fresh fruits, so watch out for that. 

Drunken Monkey

Drunken Monkey is full of surprises and it makes healthy food fun. Go to this kiosk and ask for fruit shakes like Apple Cinnamon, Dragon Fruit, Green Grape or opt for a veggie smoothie of your choice packed with lots of nutrients. Sexy Spinach and Crazy Carrot are our picks, FYI. They also have interesting meal smoothies which include serials like muesli and cornflakes. Sounds about right? Check it out. 


Make your own pizza, that's the concept of this place. At Pizzetto, you can choose the base of your choice, sauce, and toppings. Thin crust and pan pizza, they have four options —veg, paneer, chicken, and seafood that are well-cooked and flavorful. They bake it pretty quick and you can order sides like wedges, garlic bread, and fries to go with it. Want more? Try their pasta too. Similar to pizza, you can customise them too. 


Sort your Chinese food cravings at Inchinese. Yup, it's that straightforward. They have an elaborate menu consisting of some cult favourite dishes like spring rolls, lollipops, and chilli chicken, along with Chicken Mongolian, Egg Fuong, Spanish Potato, and Pineapple Manchurian (you heard that right). They also have sea-food starters and nothing on the menu exceeds INR 300. 

Taco Bell

Hyderabad loves Taco Bell for all the right reasons. Along with their diverse menu, they brought good deals that are irresistible. Swanky ambience, dim lights, pop music, graffiti walls, wooden decor, and a dark theme — Taco Bell has a groovy vibe and Mexican food that you cannot miss out on. We're talking about Quesadillas, Tikka Masala Burrito, rice bowls, and meals. 


Had a good shopping spree? Treat yourself with something meetha at WAFL Cafe. For all you brekkie lovers, they have an all-day breakfast menu which includes Grilled Cheese WAFL Toast, and WAFL & Scrambled Eggs with Sausage. What else? Tuck into WAFL Sandwiches, WALF Pizza Pies, and Corndogs apart from your regular waffles. FYI, it's also light on the pocket. 


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