This Furniture Studio In Jubilee Hills Will Make Your Home Lit AF

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What Makes It Awesome

Wildflower Furniture Studio is quite literally made up our dreams. If you fancy handcrafted home decor items or furniture that's legit Kinfolk material, don't you look beyond this studio. Tucked in the quieter lanes of Jubilee Hills, Wildflower is a hidden gem of a home studio. As you walk into the studio, you are welcomed by Suhitha Uddaraju and Padma Kanumuru, a sister-duo that runs the studio. Take up on their offer of touring the studio and you will stumble upon a fine array of tables, various types of chairs, and tables.

The first thing that caught our eyes is a table that's made up of over 3,000 vintage coins. This is priced at INR 1,00,000 and you cannot find a piece like this in India. Want something quirky for your room? Check out a colourful side table where the tabletop is made up of beer caps. This one looks every bit stunning. Wildflower Furniture Studio's also got rocking chairs with crochet work, handpainted chairs with floral cushions, and traditional rocking chairs that remind you of your grandpa's home. It's almost like you're treading into nostalgia with their timeless pieces.

If you are really looking to experiment with the look of your home, check out their brass chairs or quirky tableware. Apart from these, Wildflower Furniture Studio also carves home decor accents using wooden logs and fully intend to introduce accessories in the future. The price range across the store begins at INR 15,000 and can go upto INR 2,00,000. 


If you are interested in getting a certain piece customised or have something on your mind, get to Wildflower and discuss. They take a couple of weeks to craft the product for you but it's worth the wait.


Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.