Slip, Slide, Sore In The Sky & Get All Kinds Of High At This Popular Amusement Park


What Makes It Awesome

From the nerve-wracking rides to the not-so-nerve-wracking rides — Wonderla has something for everyone. Love to live on the edge? What’s better than a ride that suits your sense of adventure? Maverick! As the name suggests, it doesn’t stick by the rules, while it twists and tilts in all sorts of ways. But that’s not all. There’s Equinox where you get to travel upside down at 70 kmph at 16 meters above the ground. And giving Equinox stiff competition is Flip Twin T-rex (not extinct twin dinosaurs, although that would be some sight!). We are talking about swinging and swirling at the end of robotic arms.

It gets harder to choose because there are still plenty of high thrilling options left. Thrill-seeking not your thing? No worries. There are plenty of rides that cater to you like the old-fashioned sky wheel — simple and always reliable ride or the Termite Train for subtle fun and Coaster if you’re brave enough to take it up a notch. There’s also Pirate Ship that sends you rocking back and forth, Grand Prix and Crazy Cars 1&2 if you’re an automobile enthusiast.

Skip the Sea Lagoon and Rain Disco to try better rides like Wave Pool (suitable for all age groups), Mammoth– which is basically making your way down water slides on rubber rafts while Harakiri is like an almost never-ending water slide (that’s extra minutes of fun) and Lazy River is where you get to relax on floats as you drift in what feels like a really laidback river.

What Could Be Better

As much as water rides seem attractive, there’s always that hygiene risk looming overhead. 


All those rides can take off so much energy, so head right after into one of Wonderla’s restaurants and there are five different ones to choose from – Chillies, Park View, Waves, Food Court, and Galaxy.


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