Bored Of Your Regular Gym? This CrossFit Centre In Jubilee Hills Has New Routines Every Day

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What Makes It Awesome

X60 CrossFit is Hyderabad's first CrossFit Centre and if you're planning to take your fitness game to the next level, this is where you should be. They've got an in-house cafe that whips healthy (and delicious) smoothies and dishes. The fact that X60 has different workout routines every day and the chances of repeating them are absolutely zilch is what makes it awesome. Walk in to find something more exciting and challenging during this 60-minutes session. The program is designed by award-winning and certified CrossFit trainers who coach, motivate, and guide you well.

The gym bears a very grunge look, and you can spot the Hyderabad Metro swooshing past you through the window. Say hello to the view and immerse yourself in the workout — whether you are a beginner or an athlete, this program is for everyone out there, regardless of age. You'll be taken through strength, agility, flexibility, and weight training. You won't just build a strong core, as CrossFit helps you build a strong mind too. Keep bashing those inner demons as you revamp your stamina. Plus, you can sign up for Advanced Gymnastics and Advanced Weightlifting too. You can pick a weekend or weekly batch for your CrossFit training, and if you'd like to go for their diet plan, have a chat with the team and go for what suits your routine the best. While the monthly membership is priced at INR 7,500 (plus GST), their 3-month plan is INR 18,000. The annual membership is around INR 50,000. 

X60 hosts a hoard of fun events where everyone comes together in making both outdoor and indoor workout all the more fun. Since it's a bunch of people working out, you'll be making new friends. And you know what they say, don't you? Friends that workout together, stick together. 


You cannot afford to be late (even a minute) because the coaches can make you do countless burpees. Now, you wouldn't want that, would you?


Former Editor, LBB, Hyderabad.