Slices Of Joy: This Pizzeria In Jubilee Hills Is Definitely Our Constant

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What Makes It Awesome

"Goodness Gracious! What's a ginormous Buddha Statue doing in a pizzeria?" — This was my first reaction when I walked into Zozoz Pizzeria. Tucked away in Jubilee Hills, this pizzeria is so green that I'd love to spend my evenings with a book, here. Of course, while polishing down slices of pizza.

Without messing around with the natural rock formations and trees, Zozoz is in its idyllic element. Simple wooden tables and chairs are spread across the place, and whether you like solitude or love catching up with old pals, you really cannot go wrong with it. There is only outdoor seating, so be prepared to bear the brunt of the heat, sometimes (but the trees do offer shade). And then there's the Buddha Statue that'll make you look up.

Go over to the counter where the nice peeps help you choose the pizza of your choice, or pick your own toppings. You either take your pick from their selection of pizzas or go for a three-step method, like me, to pick your own toppings. The best part is you can pick half-and-half — so, I went for mushroom, sundried tomatoes, and olives on one half and corn, onions, and jalapenos on the other. I really loved how the pizza was not greasy, and it was a burst of flavours. The right amount of veggies and sauce! You can pair your pizza with coffee or Iced Tea. I ordered a Peach Iced Tea and found it quite refreshing. For those of you who prefer starting off with garlic bread, take your pick between wings and bread along with dips. Now that I cannot stop raving about this pizza, I'm absolutely making plans to hit it up (yup, again and often) with my fam. What about you?

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000

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