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What Makes It Awesome?

Have you ever walked through the doors of a little boulangerie & chocolate shop and feel transcended to a place of sheer joy, the quaint settings, the place to gather, the smells of flowing chocolate, the perfect little chocolate treats packaged in the most memorable boxes and bags? Sounds straight out of a dream, right? It is all part of the Parisian chocolate experience.

Well, think no further as Hyderabad & their chocoholics can get their chocolate experience fulfilled at Zuci Chocolates. ZUCI(pronounced as ShuChi — a Sanskrit word meaning pure), the brainchild of Aparna and Chaitanya Gorrepati, started their artisanal chocolate brand with the motto of putting forward artisanal chocolates that are pure and Divine when offered to the patrons. Moreover, Aparna who is a chocolatier for more than 12 yrs now & trained in Belgium & France from one of the finest institutes, wanted to combine her love and innovation for artisanal chocolate in exotic flavours and the passion for hosting people, the result of which is Zuci Chocolates and Boulangerie, a delightful new outlet with a charming, luxurious décor situated at the upscale, Road 45 Jubilee Hills. Also, one of Aparna or Chaitanya always makes sure that all of their patrons are attended to by asking them about their palate preference. Depending on that, they are offered milk or dark variety, infused with spice, nuts and fruits.

We visited this place on a Sunday afternoon for getting some lunch sorted wherein we started off the fare with some finger food & cakes like Carrot Cinnamon cake & Babka, which I will highly recommend whose origin is from Central Europe and is quite popular in Poland. It combines the richness of hazelnut and chocolate, and when warmed slightly melts in your mouth and keeps you coming back for more. Moving on, we got Garlic bread, Potato wedges & Chicken fingers to kick start the spread. No complaints on the wedges or garlic bread as both of them had a great crust/texture, however, the chicken fingers had some chewy meat, which could have been more tender & juicy pieces, however, the dips provided in all'em were really complimenting the entire stuff.

Next up, we got some peri-peri chicken sandwich, although they had similar stuffings, but tasted really great; do give this a try from the menu. Onto the mains, I squared up on Chicken Bolognese Lasagna, wherein the meaty sauce, whole-wheat lasagna sheets alternated with meat chunks, creamy bechamel and butter herbs, created an amazing slice of lasagna heaven!
Onto the desserts, it was surely a massive spread wherein I was spoilt for choices like Citrus rind cheesecake, Zuci Signature 12 layer Chocolate Cake, Chocolate and Vanilla Pastry, Chocolate Mousse & Hazelnut Choux pastry.

The four desserts we tried came with a burst of absolutely different flavours and felt like a treat of not being able to have desserts for quite some time. Personally, I really loved the Citrus Rind Cheesecake & Hazelnut Choux as they were fairly light on the palate yet delectable and absolutely worth digging in (more than once). Made by connoisseurs for connoisseurs, Zuci & their chocolates are made to indulge your palate and satiate your taste buds. So come, re-ignite the glutton in you to taste something truly divine and rare, striking yet simple as Zuci provides a magical experience for chocolate lovers across all ages.

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