Treat Your Friends At This Pretty Cafe In Golpark For Your Next Birthday Celebration

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Kolkata is brimming with cafes popping up in every other corner with the most variant cuisines and themed decor, yet something that’s still not common in all, is affordability. But, that’s not the case at Cafe 033.

What Makes It Awesome

Named after Calcutta’s local STD code, which is ‘033’, it’s situated right beside Mitra Cafe in Golpark. A newly opened hidden gem with beautiful, aesthetic decor that gives out chill, bohemian vibes with an all over white layout, accessorised with colourful chairs and super fluffy, printed cushions. In addition to that, the cafe that is surrounded by glass on all sides, also has a painting of a typical Kolkata street that creatively blends with the otherwise modern decor. Bonus? You can play Playstation here!

Coming to the munchies, 033 has a wide variety of food that not only has finger foods, but also small combo meals and main courses that is perfect for a quick grab at lunch. So, you can take your friends here for that due treat or just for adda over coffee and shakes. We loved the chilly blast chicken (INR195) that is sort of a twist on dry chilli chicken with basil- sour, garlicky and evenly spiced.

If you’re too hungry for just starters, order the grilled prawns with burnt garlic rice (INR 165/half plate). The prawns are grilled to perfection with salt and pepper. Also, their wholesome packs with noodles/rice with a side of chicken wings or fish is a best seller (for only INR169). But, the real deal are the pastas. You must try their Spaghetti Aglio Olio.


033 recently came up with a festive menu (valid till the first week of November), out of which we tried the Peri Peri French fries that has a quite good portion (for INR 175), as well as pork bangers and mash, which consists of two frankfurters in apple mustard sauce with a fried egg and mashed potatoes (INR 285). But if you’re not a pork lover, don't go for it, as it can be too heavy and a bit under cooked. 


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