Eat. Burp. Repeat: 10 Restaurants In The City You Must Dine At

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If food isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Kolkata, you’ve probably got it all wrong. The city boasts of a gastronomically spiced-up food scene. You simply cannot miss a meal at some of these classic restaurants in Kolkata that will offer a bang for your buck while ensuring you leave with a happy stomach.

Peter Cat

For those of you who know Kolkata, even a little bit will know why Peter Cat has to be on this list. Located in Park Street, Peter Cat is known for its unique Chelo Kebab (a combination of buttered rice with poached eggs and grilled kebabs and veggies). Recipes that have been passed on for centuries will make you travel back in time with each bite of the platter. 


Another legendary restaurant on Park Street, Mocambo is an integral part of the city’s food culture. Indulge in dishes that taste as exotic as they sound (Fish A La Diana, Chicken Ala Kiev or Angels on Horseback). Old Calcutta was famous for its unique take on Continental food and that is best represented in the Mocambo’s menu (which apparently has not even changed a bit since 1953!). Try the Devilled Crabs here and thank us later.

The Corner Courtyard

Located in an old bungalow, The Corner Courtyard is a gorgeous boutique hotel with a restaurant on the ground floor that serves up delectable food, prepared using locally sourced vegetables and handpicked ingredients. Catering to tastes from around the world, the menu is quite interesting and hugely popular with tourists. Continental dishes such as potato wedges in cheese fondue and honey-glazed grilled chicken are the chef’s specialty. The ambience of the place is totes instagram-worthy with an overall old-world charm.


When in Kolkata, Aminia should be on your must-visit list. Did you know that this place came into existence on the day of independence? The interiors are minimalistic but the food they serve here is scrumptious. Don’t miss trying out the Mutton Reshmi Butter Masala and Chicken Cheese Kebab. A little heavy on the stomach but not so much on the pockets.

Club De Bohemian

A hidden gem, tucked away in Old Ballygunge, Chef Joy Banerjee’s restaurant is indeed free-spirited both in looks and in what it feeds you. With Bengali fusion as its main theme, this one is a must visit if you’re looking for evolved local food. Using traditional Bengali ingredients to create unconventional dishes - Think: lentil risotto with hilsa croutons, wax gourd and garlic mousse with papri chips or malpua cheesecake. You will love the idea of exploring Bengali flavours in contemporary avatars. 


This one makes it to the list of most popular restaurants in the city because of its incredible fusion of two very different cultures, French and Indian. Visit Aaheli if you are looking for that old-world charm and Bangali bonediyana feel. The dishes are Bengali recipes per se, but they are influenced by French techniques of cooking and flavours. This is the only place that serves up dishes like Narkel Dudhe Hansh. They also make Anarashi Ilish, a delicacy, with prior notice. 

Biswa Bangla Gate Restaurant

An oval-shaped hanging restaurant, perched at a height of 55 metres, this place is a unique addition to the many architectural marvels of the city. The multi-cuisine delicacies dished out by Cafe Ekante, are prepared in a kitchen on the ground floor and sent up by the service elevator. The menu has a fair variety ranging from soups to pasta to kebabs to Chinese. Do remember to end your meal with the refreshing daab ice-cream. The inside walls are adorned with murals of all things quintessentially Calcutta - Ma Durga, a cute sketch of a Bengali Bor-Bou, a hand pulled rickshaw with Howrah Bridge in the background, portraits of legendary personalities of Bengal and even the Royal Bengal Tiger. The soft light emanating from battery powered candles within the gallery adds to the ethereal experience.


Kolkata is synonymous with kathi rolls and the credit goes to Nizam’s, the inventors of kathi kebab rolls. Legend has it that one day a Britisher, out to grab a quick bite, was in a big hurry and asked for something light, dry and minimally spicy, which he could take away quickly. That’s how Nizam’s famous roll was invented. If you are not in a mood for kathi rolls, try the kebabs or biryani from their wide Mughlai menu. 


If you’re in Kolkata and you miss going to Flury’s, you’re doing it wrong! Founded in 1927  by Swiss couple Mr and Mrs J Flurys who settled in Kolkata during the British rule, this was the first tea-room in the city. The age-old recipes have been retained till date to give Flurys loyalists the same old flavours. Among their signature items, the rumball remains a favourite. Dig in the sinful strawberry cubes or try the popular English Breakfast.


Beijing is a gem in the old China Town of the city that you simply cannot miss. This restaurant has some interesting and unusual dishes based on Ms Liu’s (famously known as the Queen of Tangra) secret recipes, like Thai Chicken, Fried Meatballs and Peking Chicken with Hoisin Sauce. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the Special Duck Roast, it’s beyond heavenly. From delicious spring button mushrooms, chicken dumplings, cantonese chicken to peking phoenix emperor prawns, szechwan duck, chicken in black bean sauce and chilli crab claws, Beijing will have you coming back for more.


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