Cupcakes, Tarts And Muffins: 5 Baking Classes That Will Make You A Pro Baker

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Brownies, breads and cookies – these baking classes will let you finally pull your oven out of storage and put it to good use. Learn some MasterChef-level skills now!

Food Kraft

Looking to kill time on a day off or keep the kids occupied for the whole holiday season? Food Kraft does both short-term cooking classes (for 3 hours a session for a couple of days) as well as long term (22 day) classes. The Basic Bakery Course will teach you how to make everything from Melting Moments and Muffins to Cheddar Cheese Biscuits, Pizza Bread and Garlic Cheese Pie (is your mouth watering yet?).

They also have crash course in chocolate making and a specialised brownie course where you learn how to make twelve brownies. For the pros, there are advanced bakery and bread-making sessions.

Zestful Flavours

Gluten-free, chemical-free and tasty? You heard it right. Anjali Kejriwal’s Zestful Flavours conducts baking workshops that is all about making exotic dishes with easily available ingredients. Cakes, cookies, patties and tarts (and special party treats!) is what she’ll teach you to whip up. The classes happen in a demonstration format but you can jot down the recipes and try them out for yourself at home. All the surplus of class profits goes towards supporting underprivileged children so you’ll be baking for a cause!

Modern Art Of Cooking

From beginners to those who have been cooking for decades and are bored of the same old thing. This homegrown cooking school will dish out some ‘real’ practical tips and tricks so your time in the kitchen is that much more fun. They also try to keep everything as nutritious as possible (there’s only that much healthy a cake can be!). The day-long workshop on cakes will set you back just INR 1,000.

JBL Academy Of Culinary Arts

JBL conducts both short and month-long courses. Each of the short classes includes approximately four hours of hands-on experience cooking and an extra half an hour to devour your creation. They provide all the ingredients required to make the dishes. The baking courses are mostly a month long and they have a number of dishes you can pick up – breads, doughs and cookies; cakes, cupcakes and chocolate; basic cake baking and decoration; and pastries, tarts, mousses and other desserts. All these goodies will set you back INR 38k+ for four hours a day, whereas the two-month course will set you back INR 65k+.

A To Z Cooking

Niti Sodhani is one of the most sought after culinary teachers in the city conducting workshops and regular classes for kids as well as adults. She makes baking look like a piece of cake! Located conveniently on Russell Street, the institute has specialised classes that will teach you to bake cakes, cook in a microwave, and make desserts.

In a hands-on learning experience, you’ll get a live demo on how you should be going about whipping up your baked goods. Puddings, soufflé, mousse, brownies, tarts, continental baked dishes are all in the ‘syllabus’ so get ready to be schooled. Classes run right through the day from 11am to 6pm. You can get a detailed fee structure depending on how many you want to join.