Beyond Idli-Dosa: 6 South Indian Restaurants In Kolkata Which Serve Delicious Non-Veg

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Ten-Second Takeaway

There’s a lot more to cuisine from South India than the vegetarian options of mainly dosa and idli. Kodava, Mangalorean, Andhra and Kerala cuisines offer a range of delectable seafood and meat dishes which are slowly becoming popular in the city.


Located in Monohar Pukur Road, this restaurant specialises in Malayali cuisine. Their Kerala dry mutton with appam is a favourite amongst customers. They also feature different dishes on different days of the week in addition to their regular menu. The food served here is authentic and delectable and priced reasonably – approximately INR 700 for two people. The décor is simple yet comfortable and you can see the food being prepared in their open kitchen.

Coastal Macha

This restaurant opened sometime in October last year. It was one of the first restaurants in the city to serve Goan and Konkani cuisines. We love the vindaloo here which is made with toddy vinegar and is marinated overnight. Their ghee roast has a bright red colour and is an assortment of flavours.

The squid kali mirch is perfectly cooked. Very few places in Kolkata can cook squid well, this is one of them. Top up your meal with their refreshing sol kadi {a kokum-flavoured drink}.

The décor is beach-themed with a bed of sand and sea shells under each table and the food is priced reasonably – a meal of two would cost about INR 1,000.


This restaurant located next to Biriyani Company in Southern Avenue serves delicious Chettinad, Kodava, Kerala and Goan cuisine. Their seafood options are extensive – the Coorgi roast crab deserves special mention. The décor is homely with a comfortable seating area. The average cost for two is around INR 700.


This one is one of the first restaurants to serve non-vegetarian food from the south. They have an extensive menu with South Indian and North Indian options. Order the Hyderabadi biryani which is authentic and well flavoured.  The cost for two would be approximately INR 1,300.

Fusion Fantasea

This restaurant serves Goan, Chettinad and Kerala cuisines. We’d recommend the squid koli vada. A meal for two would be about INR 800.


Upasana Agarwal and Nandini Moitra are co-organisers of Amra Odhbhuth Cafe, an LGBTQ space in Kolkata. They are both amateur cooks, food enthusiasts, and love exploring various restaurants in the city. The two are interested in all things queer and feminist. ?