Mango Pudding, Quesadillas & Lots Of Coffee: 8th Day Has Finally Re-Opened For Delivery & Takeout!

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What Makes It Awesome

Kolkata people! Rejoice because one of our favourite coffee shops has opened doors for delivery and takeout and we can't help but break into a happy dance. 

Yes! 8th Day Cafe & Bakery is back with a bang! Say hello to a brand new menu and lots of coffee made with a whole lotta love. The cafe menu has several new additions along with the seasonal mango dishes that they come up with every year. Gorge on scrumptious Chicken Quesadillas, Falafel Bagel Sandwich/Wrap (baked falafel, pickled cabbage, yoghurt sauce and veggies served on choice of bagel or wrap), Chicken Broccoli Quiche (their famous quiche recipe served with chicken and broccoli now) and Huevos Rancheros Open Face Bagel (sunny side up or scrambled eggs, homemade salsa and pico de gallo served on your choice of bagel) among other items. Also, try The Loyalist - chicken, emmenthal cheese, spinach, tomatoes and garlic dressing warmed in a tortilla - as well as the Turtle Cupcakes if you love a mix of chocolate and caramel.

And, of course! When it's mango season, how can you resist 8th Day's seasonal mango dishes! Relish their homemade Mango Pudding with layers of vanilla wafers and fresh mango chunks or try the Mango Crumble Bar (sweet mangoes with an oat crumble). Throw in a scoop of ice-cream along with it for some heavenly bliss. There's also the sweet and spicy Mango Salad if you prefer a healthier option.

Also, say hello to a few kickass coffee-based drinks that they've come up with. There's Cascara (hot/cold herbal drink made from dried coffee husks), Cortado (one part double shot espresso with equal parts steamed milk and slight foam), Vanilla Lavender Cappuccino/Latte and the First love Cold Brew made with a squeeze of lemon, sugar, and soda water blended with ice.


8th Day is also selling bagged coffee so you can enjoy a cuppa at home. It's available in 250gm (INR 450), 500gms (INR 800) and 1kg (INR 1,500). 

The cafe is delivering via Swiggy and Zomato. You can also go to the cafe and pick it up yourself. Don't forget to follow the social distancing norms!


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