Say Goodbye To Makeup And Hello To Natural Beauty With This Ayurvedic Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

What happens when locally sourced plant-based ingredients come together with ancient beauty secrets? You get the most effective, chemical-free, and organic skin & hair solutions that actually work. Auravedic is a natural beauty brand which sources and uses only naturally available ingredients. It’s really amazing how they use the ancient knowledge of the Vedas to harness the cleansing and cosmetic properties of these ingredients.

I am no expert but just a little gyaan on how Ayurveda works. The science of Ayurveda helps you in balancing the body (vata), mind (pitta) and consciousness (kalpha). Therein lies the secret to achieving health that reflects in the beauty of your skin and hair. Auravedic products does not just work on the surface but go deeper in bringing about the natural glow and health that your body is capable of achieving, without you dousing it in a slew of harmful chemicals and preservatives. Plus Auravedic products are completely cruelty-free, so you won’t feel that familiar prick of conscience while using them.

If you feel that stubborn tan from your last holiday has overstayed its welcome, Auravedic’s skin lightening range will work like magic in helping you get rid of it. Their anti-tan mask helps you tackle tan, pigmentation while infusing your skin with anti oxidants. Perfect recipe for #SelfCareSaturday. Their kumkumadi range of skincare is all kinds of awesome too! The light textured kumkumadi cream will envelope your skin in an aromatic goodness, keeping it soft, supple and glowing. They have a whole range of face care products like masks, serums, gels, moisturisers and face washes. Hair trouble? Try their paraben and SLS-free hairfall shampoo and oils for best results.


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