Combine Fashion With Wellness By Wearing Clothes That Heal From This Label

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What Makes It Awesome

Ayurganic's range of outfits are made of GOTS certified cotton and is based on the centuries-old art of treating fabric with Ayurvedic herbs to imbue the garments with therapeutic qualities. Ayurvastra (Ayur and vastra meaning health and cloth respectively in Sanskrit) have been permeated with special herbs and oils making it free of synthetic chemicals and toxic irritants. Wearing these garments helps restore balance within the body and strengthens the immune system. Almost like wearing another layer of skin that protects your body from ambient toxins.

A sea of serenity in an otherwise chaotic existence, these outfits are classy, elegant and versatile. What I really like about their collection is that all the designs combine the brand’s love for Ayurveda, sustainability and a minimal aesthetic. The classic shapes and elementary designs have won me over. 

We often find ourselves shopping for regular or cookie-cutter styles, but it’s time to say goodbye to that, because Ayurganic manages to give even the most simple outfits a unique twist. Be it the Lalita Playsuit or Champa Sweatshirt or a bathrobe style kurta; these styles are a proof that that rich fabrics and flattering silhouettes are key elements for versatile pieces. And, of course, this is the healthiest and the most ethical way to win brownie points for your style statement, I promise. While these outfits are perfect for someone like me, who wants to lounge about in comfy pants all day, these also are perfect for those of you who are actively into fitness - yoga, cardio, running and the works. Just don a pair of their super breathable Padma Pants and you're all set for a comfortable workout.

Pro Tip

The label is also bringing the essence of Ayurganic into protective wear, The Nilgiri mask is infused with the nourishing properties of Eucalyptus. It comes in a drawstring bag crafted out of upcycled fabrics.


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